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Steph // The Machinator

"When you're left with only a bullet, I'll bring the trigger and a promise to pull it. I'll be the end of everyone who's ever entered your life and taken pieces out of it. I'll give you enough time to regain your composure... to reconstruct a heart that's torn apart from over-exposure. I know forever isn't long enough to forget the faces and places that played out your tragedy."

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myradi.neuf // semi-friends-only [Fri/Sep/2010 at 8:55pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

this is the writing journal for machinator to post all of her writing garbage.

this journal is semi friends only!!

what does this mean for you?
while most of my writing will be open for public view, writing labeled as "mature" will be locked for friends-only. I really don't feel like dealing with people getting freaked out about me writing smut or slash or whatever else squicks you.

feel free to add me if you only want to see my "work-safe" writing, but I won't add you back unless you comment to this post under the assumption that you'd rather not be exposed to anything above a PG-R level. and I'll be sure to label all of my writing properly so that you won't accidentally stumble into something you're not comfortable with.

so once again, if you'd like access to my mature-themed writing, comment to this post to be added. otherwise, no complaints about "omg 2 guys r havin secks" in my journal, got it?


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Spero Academy: Leon/Albel "Lapse of Sanity" [Wed/Dec/2007 at 10:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Title: Lapse of Sanity
Fandom: spero_ooc universe
Character(s): Leon/Albel
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: crack pairing, male/male, light bloodplay.
Summary: Leon's had a stressful day and Albel's about to make it even more stressful. But hell, Leon might as well enjoy the view, right?
Author's note: XD He'll get him one day, that he will! Cloud can't keep Leon true if Albel's thighs continue to tempt him. Based on the millions of conversations I have with la_soldier about how Albel's thighs are fantastic and how Leon likes looking at them.

blood stained pink lips a deep redCollapse )


Disclaimer: I don't own Albel Nox from Star Ocean 3 and Julie doesn't own Leon from Kingdom Hearts I/II.

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Get Backers: Akabane/Ginji "It's... Romantic?" [Wed/Dec/2007 at 7:10pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Title: It's... Romantic?
Fandom: Get Backers
Characters: Akabane/Ginji
Table: 3
Prompt: Graveyard
Word Count: 1,048
Rating: PG
Warning: No spoilers. Features a male/male relationship.
Summary: Ginji always makes the bad choices when it comes to Akabane. And he also has a bad habit of not listening, either. So when Akabane calls him out to a graveyard at midnight, what makes Ginji think it's a smart idea to go?!
Author's Notes: I wanted to do more with this prompt, but at the same time, I thought it would become too long if I went my initial route. Plus, I'm not too offended by the way I chose to do this, and I hope no one else is? D:

Akabane wasn't known for being mercifulCollapse )


Disclaimer: Don't own Akabane, Ginji, or any of the Get Backers' boys.

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Ellesville: Kat/Layla "Heavy Stare" [Sun/Dec/2007 at 9:37pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Title: Heavy Stare
Fandom: ellesville_rp universe
Character(s): Kat/Layla
Rating: PG
Summary: Layla never knew why Kat even bothered showing up to church every Sunday. It seemed pretty silly, considering that Kat wasn't a religious person. Layla didn't know that Kat wasn't just there for the sermon...
Warnings: Very slight girl/girl, but only if you look for it. XD It's totally there, but I'm just saying. It's very faint at the moment.
Author's note: Written for Jubes because Kat and Layla are awesome. It was rushed, but still a cute idea that I needed to belt out before it ate my brain.

Layla really should have been listening to the sermon.Collapse )


Disclaimer: Layla belongs to la_soldier and Kat belongs to me. X3

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KH2: Demyx/Sora "My Inspiration" [Sun/Sep/2007 at 11:02pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Title: My Inspiration
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II (TH Universe)
Pairing(s): Demyx/Sora
Rating: G
Summary: Demyx is rejected (again) for a band casting and wonders if it's time to put away the guitar and give up on music. The inspiration just isn't there anymore... is it? Sometimes Sora knows more than he lets on.
Warnings: boy-love, fluff, whatever else.
Author's note: dedicated to piogge because it needed to be done. it was kinda fun.

sour-sweet candy and the smell of bittersweet coffeeCollapse )


Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or the setting.

x-posted to antifisis & sora_demyx.

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